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In a nutshell, Ziksu is a new and innovative digital payments platform, offering an alternate payment solution to every merchant and consumer in Australia.
It's a Fast | Easy | Secure, QR code based, 'Scan n Pay', digital payment platform.
Every transaction is instant and settled in real-time. 24/7 x 365. There is no need for costly terminals or separate phone lines. Given the current pandemic, it is also timely, being the first truly contactless payment method.

Effectively, Australian Businesses, who adopt our platform, will get paid INSTANTLY! They will also eliminate their 'single point of failure' being the inability to trade when there is payment terminal and power outages. Ziksu will lower their overhead costs, maximise their opportunity to trade and enhance their cashflow. Thereby, putting the control and power back in their hands.

Yes! Ziksu provides convenience with their low-cost digital payment's platform,Personal users can categorise their spending and keep track of their finances with real-time visual reports at their fingertips.

Incorporated in Western Australia, Ziksu is an Authorised Representative (AR # 001280302) of PNI Financial Services Pty Ltd ACN 151 551 076 (PNI Financial Services) which holds Australian financial services licence number 408735 We abide by all the same regulatory and legislative compliance as any other Australian Bank or Financial Institution

Once you have downloaded the App and verified your identity, you will automatically be issued with:
  1. A BSB No.
  2. An Account No.
  3. A PayID, and
  4. A unique QR code
You could be transacting in less than 3 minutes!

The Ziksu App is completely free to download.
For Personal users there are no account keeping fees or transaction charges, however, you will be charged a small flat fee when transferring funds out of your Ziksu account via PayID. to another financial institution.
For Business users, Ziksu charges a low, transaction fee (percentage of dollar value of transaction) and a small flat fee when transferring funds out or sweeping funds from your Ziksu account to another financial institution.

For Apple users, head to the App Store and for Android users, you can download our app from the Google Play Store.

Ziksu is an Australian Financial Services Provider, therefore we must verify your identity to maintain compliance with the Australian Financial Regulators and Governing Bodies.

You can use either, your valid Australian Passport or Australian Driver's License OR alternately, a Current Foreign Passport together with a valid Australian entry visa.

Getting ready to transact

To deposit funds into your Ziksu account, simply copy your Ziksu Account's PayID, then head to your other bank's app or browser page. From here, enter the details and click send. Via PayID, the funds will be received instantly.

Linking your account with Ziksu will allow you to transfer money easily between the two accounts. For Business users, you can trade all day or all month and then sweep the required funds to your existing bank account, as required.
Currently, only your Ziksu account can be used to make purchases through the App, so, it's a better way to ensure you have sufficient funds for the transaction you wish to make.

Head to the Accounts page in the Ziksu App and select the dropdown menu. Choose the 'Add Bank Account' option and follow the prompts. You will automatically be prompted to send $1 to your selected account. This is for verification purposes only. Please head to the other Bank's App and confirm the $1 has been received… Now go back to the Ziksu App and choose 'verify'.

Sorry. Ziksu payments can only be made within Australia, using Australian currency.

You will be provided with and prompted to agree with our Terms and Conditions within the App, during the onboarding process. You can access these again, under the 'About Us' section in the App. Alternately, all legal documents, including Terms & Conditions, are listed on our website, www.ziksu.com.

QR Codes

QR codes seem to be popping up everywhere, they generally contain a link directed to a website or information page. These QR codes can be read by any smart device.
In the case of Ziksu, they can only be scanned within the Ziksu App. Users who have the Ziksu App, have had their identity verified and therefore appropriate payment information can be sent and received, ensuring transactions settle instantly.

Yes! There are two types of Ziksu QR codes: Static and Dynamic .
Every user is provided with their own unique QR code during the onboarding process, and this is linked directly to their Ziksu account. When another Ziksu App user scans your QR code, they receive your name / business name and are prompted to enter an amount to send. Both you and the other user receive an instant notification of the real-time settlement of the funds.
Ziksu also offers Static QR codes where you enter a description and a fixed amount at QR code creation. When a user scans your Static QR code, they will see your name / business name, the description, and the amount (e.g., $10) and will only be able to send a payment of $10. This is ideal for merchants with a variety of individually priced goods or services.

Every user has the option to create unlimited Static and/or Dynamic QR codes, enabling Ziksu's Digital Payments Platform to accommodate a variety of business, commercial and personal user scenarios.

Paying someone through a QR code is quick and easy! From the dashboard, tap the Scan Ziksu QR Code button at the centre bottom of the page. Next, scan the QR code of another Ziksu user and fill in the payment details. Then select Pay, enter your Passcode, and send!

From the dashboard, tap the Scan Ziksu QR Code button at the centre bottom of the page. Next, select the Create QR Code button on the bottom right and then select the 'Counter Display' option. On this page, select the account to receive the funds and select the size of the printout. Agree to our Terms and Conditions and select Generate to create your counter display QR code. Once you have created your counter display QR, you can Share, Download and Print it for placement in your store.
If you haven't received a Ziksu QR code stand, please call our friendly support team to have one delivered.


Our support team is available 9-5 pm (AWST) Monday to Friday and can be contacted on 1300 194 578 or via email at support@ziksu.com.

If for any reason you have become locked out of your account, or you have forgotten your passcode, give us a call on 1300 194 578. Our support team will be happy to help you out with resetting your passcode.
Note: As this is a security issue, our support staff will need to confirm your identity.

Simple! We have no lock in contracts, so you would simply need to sweep your money to an external Bank Account and call our Customer Service / Support team to close the account.

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Ziksu Capital Ltd, ACN  642 576 350 is involved in the provision of financial products/services including a digital transaction account with BSB, Account Numbers and PayID. Ziksu is a Corporate Authorised Representative (AFS Representative # 001280302) of PNI Financial Services Pty Ltd, ACN 151 551 076 and AFSL 408735. Please read and consider the relevant Terms & Conditions, Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement before using Ziksu’s products and services to consider if they are right for you. PayID is a registered trademark of NPP Australia Limited. PayID is an initiative from the New Payments Platform (NPP); fast payments infrastructure built by the Australian financial services sector and the Reserve Bank of Australia.